November 22, 2021

Gary Wayne Campbell, 68, on a misdemeanor Jefferson County warrant for Failure to Appear. Bond $2450 cash.

Trentin Robert Edwards, 24, on a Jefferson County warrant for Violation of Probation. Bond $2,500 cash.

Skylar Allen Milburn, 23, for Domestic Battery, a Level 6 felony; and on a Parole Warrant hold. No bond.



Ethan E. Campbell, for Domestic Battery, a misdemeanor, and Criminal Recklessness with a Deadly Weapon, a Level 6 felony. Sentenced to 360 days Indiana Department of Correction on the felony and 180 days jail on the misdemeanor with credit for 102 days jail served and balance suspended for probation with community corrections.

McKenna J. Lamblin, for Operating a Vehicle with Alcohol Content Equivalent to .15 or More, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to 360 days jail with credit for two days served and 358 days suspended for probation.

Dennis Ralph Morgan, for Operating While Intoxicated, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to 60 days jail with credit for two days served and 58 days suspended for 362 days probation with driver’s license suspended.

Galen Lee Niederbaumer, for Public Intoxication, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to two days jail with credit for two days served. Released for time served.

Kole Kristopher Woodfill, for Driving While Suspended-Prior Conviction Within 10 Years, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to 180 days jail, with credit for zero days served and 180 suspended for probation.

James L. Rowlett Jr., for Possession of Marijuana, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to zero days jail and released without conditions.



Jack E. and Lydia E. Sandlin to Stephen and Becky Watson, 610 B West Second Street, Madison.

Amy D. McMurry and Amy D. Hill (now known) to 3420 Quail LLC, 230 South Birch Street, Hanover.

Jacob D. Pletcher to Jacob D. Pletcher and Robert Wood, 379 Brentwood Drive, Madison.

Sonia Poirier and Sonia Poirier Revocable Trust to Charles S. Jr. and Jenna M. Horton, 2489 Woods Edge Drive, Madison.

Tony E. Roy to Vanessa Berry and Stacey Goode, 1412 South Thompson Road, Lexington.

Mark Downward to Beau Recon LLC, 326 Hendricks Street, Madison.

Mjal Investments LLC to Kiersten and Kaege Cunningham, 121 Sharon Court, Hanover.

Larry D. and Brenda A. Cummins to Charles and Natalie Garrett, 515 Miles Ridge Road, Madison.

Lu Ann Hill to Tracy M. McCrocklin, 906 West Main Street, Madison.

Randall Cole to Harvest Properties LLC, 1205 West Main Street, Madison.

Clarence J. Cosby to Gregory and Shirley Howard, 887 Vine Street, Madison.