October 27, 2021

Sean Eugene Cooksey, 54, for Possession of Methamphetamine, a Level 5 felony; Maintaining a Common Nuisance-Controlled Substances, a Level 6 felony; and Possession of Marijuana and Operating Without Ever Obtaining a License-Second Offense, both misdemeanors. No bond.

October 28, 2021

Charles Albert Jecker, 34, on an unspecified warrant for a Parole Hold. No bond.

Donteregan Sanders, 18, on a Jefferson County Bond Revocation warrant. Bond $5,000 cash.

October 29, 2021

Brandon Anthony Michael Meddings, 35, for Driving While Suspended-Prior Suspension Within 10 Years and on a Clark County warrant for Failure to Appear. No bond.



Christina M. Walters, for Possession of Methamphetamine, between 5 and 10 grams, a Level 3 felony. Sentenced to four years at Indiana Department of Correction with credit for 301 days jail served and three years suspended without conditions.

Michael Rayden Jennings, for Burglary, a Level 5 felony and Possession of Methamphetamine, less than 5 grams, a Level 6 felony. Sentenced to one year in jail and four years probation with credit for 213 days jail served and 1,247 days suspended without conditions.



3420 Quail LLC to Nathan G. Anderson, 7147 West State Road 256, Madison.

Roger W. and Lisa D. Garland to Jason and Amy Gray, 9000+ East State Road 56, Vevay.

Eugenia A. Knox to Prickett Properties Inc. and Jim Pruett Inc., 311 Shady Nook, Hanover.

Phillip M. Grebe, Edwin M. Greve and Helen L. Greve to Phillip M. Grebe, 2011 North Rykers Ridge Road, Madison.

Pettit Properties LLC, Rodney Pettit, Joseph Pettit to Aaron L. Ferguson, 1033 Beech Grove Street, Madison.

George Anthony Wayne Ayler, Jody Sue Tyler and Jody Sue Breeck (formerly known) to Tina White, 2311 Lanier Drive, Madison.

Tim Boldery to Miracle Brown, 132 Sycamore South Drive, Hanover.

Madison Consolidated Schools to Madison Consolidated School Building Corporation, 2325 Cherry Drive, Madison.

William B. and Rhonda K. Parker to Brian C. Blanton, 120 East Street, Madison.

Erwin A. Schindel to Places In Time LLC, 1930 Maple Street, Madison.

Dottie S. Horine to Sean Robert and Maggie Shea Kennedy, 2211 Cherry Drive, Madison.

Brenda J. Goerlitz to Randall Gianotti, 851 South Deer Bend Drive, Hanover.

Carol F. Vaughn (trustee) Raymond F. Vaughn Revocable Trust, Carol F. Vaughn Revocable Trust, Joint Revocable Trust of Raymond F. Vaughn and Carol F. Vaughn to Rachel D. Massie, 520 East Street, Madison.

Tidy Lynette Kelley to Trenton M. Moore and Brandi M. Baker, 1670 East Telegraph Hill Road, Madison.

Sharon L. Taylor, Ellen V. Lucas (deceased), Willie C. Lucas (deceased) to Sharon L. Taylor, Steven W. Lucas, Carrie E. Reindollar, Jayne Welshand Ray Hart Jr., 1707 Valley Drive, Madison.

Buddydale LLC and Crafty83 LLC to Kristen Smith, 288 Madison Avenue, Hanover.

Lyndsey Briona Ford and Christopher Simon Fox to Lyndsey Briona Ford and Christopher Simon Fox, 5009 North 600 West, Madison.

Christopher R. and Amanda R. Dorten to Amanda R. Dorten, 2439 South College Hills Drive, Hanover.

Bradley T. and Austin Kate Courtney Sims and Austin Kate Courtney Sims to Harry and Yvonne Dobbins, 1843 Crozier Avenue, Madison.

Steve Mann to Beau Recon LLC, 241 South Sycamore Street, Hanover.

Thomas Patrick Lynch, Thomas Patrick Lynch Revocable Trust to David A. and Angela M. Hertz, 527 West Third Street, Madison.

Benny Miller to Abigail Erin Miller and Benjamin Anthony Miller, 7470 North Scotts Ridge Road, Madison.

Henry F. Smith to Henry F. Smith and Jason F. Smith, 213 South Sycamore Street, Hanover.

Henry F. Smith to Henry F. Smith and Jason F. Smith, 213+ South Sycamore Street, Madison.

Jeff and Lisa Croxton to Joshua A. Jester, 3316 Clifty Drive, Madison.

Frederick R. Jr. and Dorothy E. Overpeck to Timothy M. Taylor, 1653 East Wehner Drive, Madison.

Judith and Phillip Eades to Derrick Scott and Kimberly Eades, 2630 South College Hills Drive, Hanover.

David M. and Judith S. Wolf to Frankie Sue Long, 1910 Blackmore Street, Madison.

Keith D. Chilton to Kieth D. and Anastasia C. Chilton, 160 North 600 West, Madison.