Editor’s Note: Due to a software issue at the Jefferson County Central Dispatch, activity logs for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Madison Police Department and Hanover Police Department are currently not available.



November 6, 2020

Carol Weaver, 458, for manufacturing/dealing methamphetamine, a Level 5 felony; possession of methamphetamine, a Level 6 felony; possession of paraphernalia, a Class A misdemeanor; and possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish or salvia, a Class B misdemeanor. No bond.

Christoper Lee Rhyne, 29, on three bench warrants for Jefferson County. No bond.

November 7, 2020

Kpshua Lee Johnson, 34, for possession of a handgun without a license, a Class A misdemeanor. No bond.

November 8, 2020

Ernest V. McKeand, 48, for intimidating communication, a Level 5 felony, and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor. No bond.

Stephanie Blackmore, 48, on two bench warrants. No bond.

November 8, 2020

Heather Louise Walker, 38, on a bench warrant for Jefferson County. No bond.


Jefferson County

Donnaly W. Douglas to Donnaly W. And Lona K. Douglas, 33 South Grange Hall Road, Hanover.

Amelia Melton to Eric and Christina Herbert, 2363 Sunset Court, Madison.

J.D. Traylor, Cynthia L. Traylor, Mike T. Foy, Heather N. Foy, Harry J. Crawford IV, Kimberly L. Crawford, Michael A. Traylor to Raymond S. And Anna M. Denton, 26 Volz Drive, Hanover.

James R. Morrow to Ethan G. Sill, 9775 W. Polk Road, Lexington.

Eric M. Herbert, Christina M. Towson and Christina M. Herbert (now known) to Jacob Decker, 15 South Paradise Lane, Madison.

Marvin H. Yoder and Bertha M. Yoder to Tandy Development Inc. 450+ East 400 North, Madison.

Dorothy Emma Bersch (revocable trust) to Sue Langdon, 626 West Main Street, Madison.

Dennis R. Cadman to Brian Carr and Arden Steffen, 6640 East Pleasant Road, Madison.

Phillips Development Inc. to Andrew Welenken, 150 Wooden Court, Hanover.


Jefferson County

The Jefferson County Health Department conducts quarterly inspections of all food establishments or locations that handle food in the county. Health inspections become a public record 10 days after the inspection takes place.

The documents highlight critical, noncritical and repeat violations during each inspection or follow-up. Critical violations are listed. All records are supplied by the Jefferson County Health Department, which can be reached at 812-273-1942.

(October 12-17, 2020)

88 King Buffet. COMPLAINT: Complaint from customer stated that food on the buffet was not being kept at the correct temperature and was cold. During the complaint inspection the food on the bars were tested and all the food temperatures were where they should have been. No objectionable conditions noted at time of complaint inspection.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: No violations.

Captain D’s. Three non-critical.

Iron Gate Inn. Preoperational, new owners. No violations.

Kent Mercantile. Follow-up. Two non-critical and two repeats.

Lupitas Grocery Store. Two critical. Pork chorizo were found stacked over tortillas in the cooler near the cash register. An open gallon of milk was found in the walk in cooler with a date of when it was opened. One non-critical, one repeat.

Midway Deli and Grocery. Preoperational. No violations.

T. Diet Tacos, 7383 North Chandler Road. Preoperational. No violations.