Editor’s Note: Due to a software issue at the Jefferson County Central Dispatch, activity logs for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Madison Police Department and Hanover Police Department are currently not available.



October 14, 2020

Robin Louann Pursifull, 41, on a warrant for Jefferson County Community Corrections. Bond $2,500 cash.

Christopher Lee Hazelgrove, 33, for Child Solicitation and Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, both Level 4 felonies; Providing Obscene Material to Minors, a Level 6 felony; and Resisting Law Enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor. No bond.

James William Adams, 43, on a bench warrant for Jefferson County. Bond $1,000 cash.

October 15, 2020

Eric R. Smith, 54, for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated-Endangerment, a Class A misdemeanor. Bond $500 cash.

Tyler David Humbert, 30, on a bench warrant for Jefferson County. Released on own recognizance.

Ethan Wayne White, 24, on a bench for Jefferson County. Bond $250 cash.


Jefferson County

Debra Lynn Courtney and Megan V. Wehner to Debra Lynn Courtney, 7330 W. State Road 256, Madison.

Mervin Yoder and Ada Yoder to Gerald Yoder and Miriam Yoder, two parcels at 3498 W. State Road 56, Hanover.

Della. Menchhofer (trustee) to Michelle R. Holman, 222 E. State Street, Madison.

Mae Campbell to Jeromy Lynn Killey, 4016 N. Wiggam Cemetery Road, Deputy.

Franklin G. Maddox and Michael Maddox to Beau Recon LLC, 1225 Cherry Trace Drive, Madison.

Brian E. Randall and Patricia Randall to Jonathon Simpson, 548 River Road, Hanover.

Shanna Suzanne Cook, Nicole Renee Cook and Sean Gary Cook to Donald Gunter and Brenda Gunter, a parcel on E. Breezy Ridge Road, Canaan.