My garden makes a lot of scents. While I realize that I wrote a column about the different ways our senses enjoy the garden not long ago, recent events remind me that a dear friend enjoyed the scents of my garden in a special way.

Warm temperatures and adequate moisture have resulted in lush plant growth. The gardens change daily, with new blooms dotting the landscape every time I take a garden walk.

It is time to garden. May 10 is considered the frost-free date for Southern Indiana, so there is little chance to lose plants to a late frost now.

As promised in a recent column, I will be making suggestions this week for your Arbor Day tree selections. I am a gardener, not an arborist, so these selections are made based on the way the trees add to the beauty of a garden.

It is a blue week at Sandhill Gardens. No, there is nothing making anyone sad. For about three weeks in early spring, true blue flowers grace several beds in the gardens.

With Arbor Day approaching, it is time to begin planning and shopping to plant a tree this spring.