During the month of May, librarians from the Trimble County Public Library will be visiting both elementary schools in Trimble County. The librarians will be getting kids excited about this summer’s reading program. All K - 3 students enrolled in Trimble County Schools will be participating in the Book Bunch Summer Reading Challenge. The library and the schools have partnered to bring all K-3 students a free summer reading program. The goal of the program is to keep students learning during the summer. Each child will bring home a bag with five books and activities to enjoy. The books, specially chosen by the librarians, will engage and entertain young readers.

Reading during the summer helps prevent the loss of knowledge gained during the last school year. Preventing the “summer slide” doesn’t have to feel like work. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to read the Book Bunch books with the children and make reading a fun family activity. Students who read during the summer are more likely to leap ahead when they return to school. This gain of skills is called the “summer leap,” and that is what the Book Bunch program is designed to encourage.

The Trimble County Public Library will also be hosting Saturday programs every week that relate to each of the books in the Book Bunch set. Information on the summer library programs is included in the Book Bunch bag that each of the students will be bringing home. The Book Bunch books, combined with the library summer programs will have children reading and growing all summer long. To learn more about the Book Bunch Reading Challenge and other summer programs visit www.trimblelibrary.org.